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2017-02-22 / Arts & Entertainment News
Garage sale Civil War relics fuel third installment in mystery series

“Garage Sale Riddle,” the third title in Naples winter resident Suzi Weinert’s Garage Sale Mystery Series, follows “Garage Sale Stalker” and “Garage Sale Diamonds.” Sound familiar? Ms. Weinert’s work is the inspiration for the powerhouse series of films that is run religiously on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. The seventh premiered in January, and there are others in the pipeline.

The new novel has several intertwined plots, some more engaging than others. The primary story line, and the one most likely to be of interest to Southwest Florida readers, is Jennifer Shannon’s need to deal with her aging mother’s future. In her late 80s and after living in Naples for many years, Frances Ryerson must be steered into giving up her independent habits. This concern leads to a practical roadmap for making and carrying out such decisions, a roadmap that involves scaling down, arranging for estate sales, choosing the next home for Frances, taking stock of assets and many other matters.

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- BluewaterPress announces publication of Suzi’s third riveting mystery thriller, Garage Sale Riddle. Beginning November 1, 2016, you’ll find this novel offered for sale on Amazon, Kindle and Nook, and can also order this new novel at your local book store.

- What’s the story about? Here’s the blurb from the back of the book:
          “Jennifer Shannon buys an old framed picture at an estate sale, discovering a mysterious map and riddle hidden inside. Flying to Naples, Florida, to rescue her aging mother from a devious criminal preying on seniors, she sits on the plane beside William Early, who boasts he’s a wealthy, powerful Civil War artifact collector who “always gets what he wants, whatever it takes.” Moving her mother from her long-time Florida home to McLean, Virginia, presents serious challenges as Jennifer protects her from vengeful criminals, while also researching map and riddle clues to an apparent Civil War treasure. But William Early lusts after the rare valuables she seeks. Marshalling his vast resources, he’s determined to wrest the treasure away from Jennifer, by any means, including murder.  Can Jennifer outwit him to save herself, her mother, her family and the historic treasure?”

- More exciting news. Hallmark’s 7th TV movie in the Garage Sale Mystery Series premieres on January 2017 on the Hallmark Movie and Mystery Channel. The two hour film is titled, “The Art of Murder,” featuring talented actress Lori Loughlin in the title role of Jennifer Shannon.”